Best Lawyer In Solapur – Advocate Santosh Nhavkar

In the history of Solapur the year 2016 and 2017 known as historic years for highly sensible criminal cases where offenders get rigorous punishments instead of remission.

Because of mistakes in enquiry , introgation and hostile witnesses made the effect on the punishment degree. The voice always raise to increase the extent of punishment for the offenders instead remission.

But now days session Court and magistrate of first class Court has tried to make a punishment Proportionate and rigorous to offenders.on the other side Government Pleaders has been trying from since. previously there was no proper coordination between the police and government for filing the chargesheet ,procuring the evidences and presenting the witnesses in courtroom for getting justice but today the scene is completely Changed.

In last year 2016 and 2017 there was historic increment in the extent of punishment . The judgements get favourable towards the government and and victims.The positive judgements doubled in the year 2016 and 2017 as compared to 2015 and 2014, the credit goes to the Ex.District Government Pleader Adv. Santosh Nhavkar, who is a dominant criminal lawyer and always ready to procure justice for victims and made possible punishments for the offenders.

There was some famous criminal cases in which Adv. Santosh Nhavkar made appreciated work to procure the justice in the matter of Jaisingh Mohite Patil, Kumar karajgi, sharad mutha, Ramesh Kadam, Manoj Jain , embezzlement in social welfare department matter of deception in Punjab National Bank,katgavkar deception matter,Murderous attempt on Manohar Bhau Dongre case,accused Taufik shaikh,Surendra Patil and Salar group.

The Ex District Government Pleader Adv Santosh Nhavkar had been worked in 15 Highly Sensitive cases. 5 cases judgements are justified with life imprisonment and Rs 2 lakh Rupees fine has held to accused . The Ex DGP Adv. Santosh Nhavkar have worked hard for not granting a bail to any of the accused and achieved it in most cases.