Justice procured by a dynamic and famous criminal lawyer of solapur advocate S.V. Nhavkar — punishment of life imprisonment with 2 lakh Rupees fine.

Kiran Dagdu More had a mining to made a murderous attack on his police wife with sickle thereby committed offence of attempt to commit murder of wife. Adv Santosh Nhavkar contested the matter on behalf of prosecution and complainant with great effort for punishment to accused hence accused has held liable of punishment of life imprisonment with 2 lakh Rupees fine by Ad Hoc session judge U.G Hejib.

Kiran More and Vaishali Ramchandra Kore has an love affair then got married on 11th December 2000. Kiran has a business of fishing and farming in between he addicted to alcohol and gambling so that he continuously demands money to his wife Vaishali who was serving on the post of Constable in vijapur naka police station solapur. because of addiction accused sold his wife’s mangalsutra, for these reasons he abused and beaten his wife. On 2nd March Vaishali Kore has winded her duty of vijapur naka police station and went back to home by the way of jule Solapur. The accused with vindictive intention has made murderous attack on Vaishali with the help of lethal weapone, assaulted her, caused grevious injuries on the body of vaishali. for the further attack a passersby Sidram Aasreddy and Vilas Aasreddy saved her and admitted her in a government hospital in wounded state.

The Aasreddy has filed complaint about this incident in Vijapur naka Police station; Senior Police Inspector NG Ankushkar and deputy commissioner Aparna Gite has guided for the whole investigation. the charge sheet has presented with all strong evidences before the court.From the day of arrest the accused had kept in MCR.

After hearing the argument on behalf of prosecution and complainant by adv santosh nhavkar the court held liable Kiran More and Announced Punishment of life imprisonment with 2 lakh fine.

In this case on behalf of state of maharashtra, then District Government Pleader Advocate S.V.Nhavkar, on behalf of the accused advocate Dhananjay Mane contested the matter.